Italians in Nelson - a memorial trail

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Italians in Nelson - a memorial trail.

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Title Italians in Nelson - a memorial trail.
Author Debbie Daniell-Smith
Year 2008
Publisher The Prow
Language English
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Geographic reference Nelson, The Wood, Wakapuaka Cemetery
Time reference 1874-2006
Online resource YES
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Topic Nelson, Italians in New Zealand, graves


Historical recollection of the beginning of Italian immigration in Nelson through a memorial trail in Wakapuaka Cemetery from The Prow, a website featuring historical and cultural stories from Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough.

Wakapuaka Cemetery holds a number of graves of members of the early Italian community in Nelson. Discovering the life stories of some of those people, provides us with an insight into the reasons behind Italian immigration to New Zealand and, specifically, to Nelson.

The link has a map of the cemetery, which you can also download here, some photos and snippets about Mariano Gargiulo, Frank and Rosa (formerly Gargiulo) Monopoli, Giacomo Persico, Antonio Bagnato, Pasquale Fiatarone and wife Maria, The Vitetta brothers, Joseph Girardi and Antonietta (Netta) Gladstone nee Dalmonte.