Digging for Italian roots

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Digging for Italian roots

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Title Digging for Italian roots
Author Poletti Alan

Year 2003
Publication IHS Journal (Italian Historical Society Journal)
Pages pgg. 21-27
Publisher CO.AS.IT, Australia
Language English
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This article by Alan Poletti, former Professor of Physics at The University Auckland is a revised version from the talk given by the author at the Society Dante Alighieri di Auckland on 1 December 2002. While 'digging' for his own Italian roots Poletti also became interested in the research process of genealogy. The article provides both the results of the research about his Italian ancestors, and advise/how to for those who wish to follow the same path.

"Seeking our Italian roots needs to be more than a search for a place and date of birth of our ancestor. It is an important step. But then we must try to understand the society of which they were a part, the history of their region and what drove them to migrate to la fine del mondo - to New Zealand and Australia".

The article was published on the Italian Historical Society Journal (IHS Journal), Volume 11, Number 1, January-June 2003, CO.AS.IT.. The same volume also includes another article by Alan Poletti and Emanuela Menghina: Migration patterns from two communities in Sondrio province: Tirano and Villa di Tirano, which also includes a few numbers and info concerning New Zealand.