Codelfa-Cogefar: Moawhango, Tongariro Tunnel

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Title Codelfa-Cogefar: Moawhango, Tongariro Tunnel
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Year 1967
Language English and Italian
Format 24 pages, some illustrations, map
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Topic Moawhango Tongariro Tunnel, Codelfa-Cogefar, Italian tunnellers in New Zealand,

You can find the book here

A booklet about the construction of the Moawhango, Tongariro Tunnel, part of The Tongariro Power scheme, in the central North Island, which was developed in the mid-20th century. Available at The Alexander Turnbull Library, New Zealand Pacific section, (viewable in Wellington Reading Room only – send request). An image of some of the Italian tunnellers who worked on the scheme can be found on Te Ara, by clicking here. The image, which depict the Italian workers at the entrance of the tunnel with a statue of Santa Barbara, the patron saint of tunnellers, and warning notices in both Italian and English, is also available on request from The Alexander Turnbull Library

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